About Us

Get Compatible is not a match making service (Yet),  rather, we teach the hidden secrets to attracting, finding and keeping your biggest prize in life... your ideal match!   Founded by Chad Nellis in 2013 Get Compatible serves as a vehicle to more effectivelychad-bali service an ever expanding offline clientele base.  As a certified Master Results Coach with training from Anthony Robbins and Christopher Howard as well as advanced studies of Dr. John Gottman and many other relationship master, Chad has helped coach hundreds of both singles and couples find and align relationships since 2008.

Chad's inspiration for relationship coaching came from his own challenges of unstable, rocky relationships over a 15 year stretch on an emotional roller coaster where he experienced bouts of extreme joy to deep depression.   "After I got enough pain I took a long break from women and went on a mission to find out three things":

  1. What are men and women really attracted to and how can you make yourself more attractive so the women who used to reject you now chase you
  2. How could I attract not just any mate, but the right mate, someone I was really compatible with
  3. Once I met my match how could I make them fall deeply in love with me and create an exciting, yet stable and drama free LONG TERM relationship

As all challenges have inherently the opportunity for growth, Chad took this relationship roller coaster ride as an opportunity to learn how to master relationships, attraction and help thousands of others do the same.

Five Step Dating Formula This formula was created after I began dating again and started applying all my new tools, tactics and strategies on Match, eHarmony, Zoosk, Tinder, Facebook and offline at parties, events and clubs. And here’s the bottom line thing that I kept coming back to... No matter what platform I was on or whose secret strategy I was using, when I went back to my simple 5 step formula, I met DOZENS of compatible partners. It was truly a breakthrough! Over time I developed and refined this system, which integrated all the best strategies I’d learned from online and offline dating which eventually helped me meet MY most compatible partner and hundreds of others do the same.  I suppose if you can get one thing right in this lifetime, it’s to find the match you were meant to be with.

Mission / Goal "My goal isn’t JUST to show you how to attract ANY match and have sex with them, yes my training will empower you with the skills to have great sex, but I’m here to teach you something a thousand times more valuable. In fact this is so valuable you can’t put a price tag on it.

I’m here to help you find and keep someone you’re really compatible with, who likes similar things, who you can build a deeper connection with and share day to day life experiences. Lets be honest, you can have rock star status with several scantily clad models draped across your arms, 10 million in the bank, a Lamborghini Diablo, a G7 and a mansion on the beach, but if you don’t have someone special to share it with… It’s all worthless!"

Having an intimate relationship with someone you are compatible with is the greatest form of joy and pleasure you will ever experience in this lifetime.  And not having one is arguably the greatest pain you will ever experience. Seriously, who wants to wake up alone every morning, or next to someone you don’t even know and can’t wait to get rid of, or spend the holidays alone with your folks and no date? So let me ask you… Is there anything more valuable than finding your ideal match?  Find out how HERE