“For me to be interested I need to feel a physical presence that communicates I’m strong and confident, its rarely the words he uses that makes me attracted.” – Teresa

Let’s take an example. We exude confidence and testosterone (trigger) and she responds with sex (behavior response).   We’ll talk in detail about the benefits of the reptilian brain and how we can use it to trigger sex and attraction later, for now its important to understand when you fall in love, more often than not, you will overlook the flaws of your partner by viewing them in a predominantly emotional way controlled by the reptilian and limbic brains.

But here’s the rub. There is no higher level thinking in the reptilian brain that requires compatibility for a sustainable relationship and it may say something like: “Hey if you’re a party animal and I’m a recovering alcoholic trying to stay away from partying, isn’t it likely that sooner or later you and I will have a massive values conflict and want to possibly kill each other.”

So since this infatuation or “in love” period typically only lasts between 1- 3 years, when it ends, your rational, higher level thinking of the neocortex kicks in. If you haven’t gotten clear on your values, beliefs and goals by this time, you will end up miserable, alone or rejected, pretty much guaranteed!

This is the problem with following most of the dating gurus and pick up artist and using their “systems” to get to a woman or a girlfriend. They don’t talk about getting clear and aligned on your values, beliefs and goals before you fall into the hypnosis of attraction. So how do you think these guys’ relationships play out down the road? Think it’s possible to rely on sex and manipulation to get past the three-year challenge? Can their system help you reach your 50th anniversary? Of course not! This is why most of the pickup artists are still single, depressed and unfulfilled.

The New Brain
To avoid the pitfall of falling in love and having it end in misery, rejection or breakup, its absolutely crucial we use our neocortex to get clear on our higher level, more important values, beliefs and goals. This part of your brain will not only help you survive and reproduce like the Reptilian Brain but it will help you thrive by giving you the power to tap into unlimited abilities and manifest an abundance of health, wealth, happiness and relationships in your life.


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