Getting a girlfriend can be a challenging proposition if you have no idea how they think and what is attractive to them.  One of the least understood factors in landing the girl of your dreams is that wanting and needing are two completely different emotions and can make or break your chances.  If we start with what women really want, which is a confident man we see the word “want” in the statement.  Notice we don’t see “need.”

Self-confidence is the opposite of “desperate” or “needy,” which will definitely kill your chances of attracting a decent woman. So if you’re calling her twice a day, emailing or texting her three times a day or looking to get married after the first couple months, chances are, you will soon be single.

In order to be confident and have magnetic attraction from a woman, we must first break our neediness. If you think you don’t have any neediness, here is a reality check… To some degree, we all suffer from neediness, because we’re human. It’s not something to be ashamed of.

If you haven’t already heard of “failure to thrive syndrome” you may want to look it up. If a baby doesn’t get tactile (love) stimulation it will die. This is a fact of life, which carries on into adulthood to some degree. We need love and if we don’t’ get it we feel as if we will die. So if you’re feeling lonely, have heart, it’s a natural emotion as a human being.

The Paradox of Building Attraction & Needing Love

Ok so we need love as humans, but when we act needy to get love and attract a woman, we will either get rejected or used and eventually tossed aside for some other shiny object. But there’s a big difference between need and neediness, so let’s get clear.

Needing love is fine, as it’s associated with our human instinct, but BEING NEEDY is kissing ass, acting like a passenger instead of a driver or not standing up for yourself. This neediness may arise either because you’re fearful that the woman will leave you or you still need the care of a motherly figure in your life. Either way, this neediness comes from your beliefs (roots) and kills attraction perhaps faster than anything else.   To break this you’ll need to build your confidence.

Since confidence is a massive subject which requires an in-depth study, I recommend checking out “The Triad of Unbreakable Confidence,” which will completely change your results from zero to hero in a relatively short period of time.