At first glance, the title of this post “how do you get a girlfriend – the easy way” may sound intriguing. And you would think that some things so essential in life would be easy but the reality is without the right attitude, mindset, and strategies most people fail at finding love. The good news is if you have these three things in place getting a girlfriend is actually quite simple. So let’s tackle them one at a time.

Since attitude and mindset go hand-in-hand we will tackle this as one item. Your mindset is composed of your belief system and what you’ve been conditioned to believe throughout your entire life from friends family and the media as well as your personal experiences and trauma. For example, if you been rejected in the past and interpreted that as if you were broken and some respect maybe you weren’t tall enough rich enough, or born under the right circumstances then you may carry this belief that you’re not good enough into your next attempt to gain the attention of a prospective girlfriend.

So here’s a question for you… When you see someone you’re interested in what is your first reaction? Do you feel like you will be rejected do you feel like no matter what happens there will always be someone else available or what goes through your head? You’ll need to get absolutely clear about this because the next time you either match up with someone online or see someone in person if your mind goes straight to fear there’s a good chance you will fail. This brings up a very important subject which is: conquering your fears.

One of the greatest things I’ve ever learned was the following mantra:

Lean Into Fear!

Now, this may sound scary but the more you lean into fear instead of step away from it the less fear has power over you and the more power you possess, and with this comes lots of confidence which girls love. In fact, girls are not only attracted to the money, status, and fame but according to my own poll confidence is one of the top three things that women are attracted to so leaning into fear over time really builds your confidence.

I suggest a program like the winner’s mindset to rewire your brain for absolute championship level confidence. This program helps you rewire your brain with very specific language that is recorded and all you really need to do is put on some headphones and press play. Over time this helps recondition your mind and make you more confident. So now you have two great tips… Lean into fear whenever you can (unless it’s jeopardizing your life) and look for a mindset training program that reconditions your condition beliefs about yourself.

Now let’s talk about that second item strategy. One of the greatest strategies I ever learned was to honor the time constraints and the fears of a prospective girlfriend. What do I mean by that? Well, if you run into someone you’re interested in many times they reject you because they think they’re gonna be tied up in a conversation for a long time but if you simply say hey listen my friends are waiting for me but real quickly I just wanted to introduce myself because if I don’t I’ll be kicking myself for a week.

The worst-case scenario here is that she gives you her name and you have a positive interaction. The next strategy is to find some commonality and see if you can get her information from either social media or phone numbers so you can follow up. There are many ways to do this which can be found in my best-selling book “How To Get A Girlfriend – The Ultimate Guide” but you can simply say… Hey, my friends and I are looking for a restaurant around here can you recommend anything fun for the evening? When she gives you an option ask her if she wants to join and she can bring friends. If she says no ask her if she’d like to grab a coffee or a smoothie or the next day.

And remember, no matter what happens you should know that there are billions of single women on this planet. There will always be other opportunities so don’t get locked into the emotion of failure… Instead, think of it as a statistic. You take a statistical swing and if you keep taking swings eventually you’ll get a hit and one day hopefully homerun – A girlfriend you can one day call a wife if that’s what you choose.

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