If you’re on a date and things are heating up How Do You Know When To Kiss Her? If you go for the kiss and she isn’t ready you could be in for some serious embarrassment or possibly complete rejection. So first of all, make sure you got “Hands on Embracing and Caressing” happening first. You must be in seducer mode to lean in for the kiss. Use all the touch methods previously mentioned. Slow down your speech and lower your voice.

Now let’s assume she’s warmed up to you but how do you know when she is really ready? Lots of dating gurus will tell you, just go for it with a few specific save face tactics, but guess what? There are some very subtle queues that will give you a “feeling” she is ready and if you don’t feel these, she’s probably not ready.

Here are some scenarios with subtle queues to look for:

  • Its time to say goodbye for the night and you find some awkward silence as she stares into your eyes. Give her a hug, but don’t let go right away. If she continues to embrace you without letting go, its prime time baby!
  • You may be talking, hugging, massaging her or having a laugh and then… a subtle pause in the action. You may feel a little nervous with butterflies, you may get a little sweaty in the palms. What does this mean? It means its time to go to the next level… Kiss her fool!
  • You may be flirting, having fun and feel the beginning of an erection. Again, prime time baby, lock and load, down the throat we go!
  • Engage with more eye contact, look at her lips and imagine the kiss. If she reciprocates you’re in.
  • Other signs she’s ready – She touches your chest instead of the obvious shoulder or she squeezes your hand.

Stop talking, pause for a second and tilt your head back while looking at her. If she stays calm and engaged without having to talk, then she’s really interested and could be ready for the kiss.

These are subtle queues that you’re instinctive side is picking up from her own body language. It’s a feeling she’s most likely experiencing as well and now… it’s time to do some tongue twirling.


How to Save Face

Ok so here is how you can save face if for some crazy reason you totally misread her signals or you’re just unsure if the time is right. But remember; trust your instincts and the subtle queues first.

Before you dive into her mouth and start swapping spit, just take your hand behind her ear and reach for her hair as if you were going to caress it. At the same time lean in with your head. If she leans in even the slightest bit, you are 100% dive approved.

If she backs away or turns away as you keep leaning your head in towards hers, then she ain’t ready brother. Save face by stroking her hair and say: “you have such soft hair, what’s your secret?” Or something similar.

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